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Inferno TKI4 readyset image

Based on the world-class MP9 TKI4 , this Readyset can be up and running almost straight out of the box.

Factory assembled chassis with Engine and R/C radio equipment. Wide variety of optional parts provides extensive scope for performance tuning.


The INFERNO series competes at the highest level in major engine racing buggy races around the world. Continually evolving to be at the forefront of racing trends, the MP9 TKI4 is the most advanced competition model in the series to date and forms the base for this Readyset version.

Comparison Table for INFERNO SERIES

 Inferno NEO 3.0Inferno MP9 TKI4 readysetInferno MP9 TKI4
Recommend for

On Road~Off Road~Circuit

Circuit~Local Race
(Available to use various TKI4 parts)

Japan National Championship, World Championship

Price(Excl. Tax)      
Radio System



Purchase separately




Purchase separately

Muffler & Manifold



Purchase separately

1/8 Tires & Inners



Purchase separately


Factory assembled

Factory assembled

Necessary to assemble

Body & Decals

Painted & Decals Applied Body

Painted & Decals Applied Body

Necessary to Paint & Decals Applied Body

inferno_tki4_readyset image
inferno_tki4_readyset side chassis
inferno_tki4_readyset side body


Shaft-Driven Full-time 4WD Chassis Front, Center and Rear diff cases contain 2-bevel differential gears with oil.
Forward positioning of the receiver batteries with the incorporation of the TKI3 layout realizes superior controllability. Race-proven design know-how delivers the dynamic combination of competition-level performance and reliability.

inferno_tki4_readyset chassis top image
inferno_tki4_readyset chassis image
inferno_tki4_readyset KE21SP Engine image

KE21SP Engine
KE21SP engine features an optimal balance of power, torque, and starting and idling stability. Includes a break-in ring that makes it easy for beginners to break the engine in properly.

inferno_tki4_readyset shock image

Big Bore Shocks
Machined aluminum big bore oil shocks deliver excellent shock absorption and running stability under various driving situations.


Front Suspension
Rib reinforcement of the TKI4 long type front sus arms adds extra strength and delivers improved steering response, surface tracing and cornering performance.

inferno_tki4_readyset front suspention image
inferno_tki4_readyset action image
Iinferno_tki4_readyset caster image

Front hub carrier
Large 17.5°caster angle front hub carriers improve running stability over rough surfaces and through sticky corners.


Installed stabilizers on front and rear control chassis roll when cornering and contribute to improved steering response.

inferno_tki4_readyset Stabilizer image
inferno_tki4_readyset image

Dust guard
Dust guards not only prevent mud sticking on the rear suspension arms but also stop grass from catching in the drive shaft and protect the shock shafts.

inferno_tki4_readyset image

Forward cabin type body
Includes forward cabin type body design that generates high down force for superior traction and turning.

inferno_tki4_readysetwing image
Inferno NE0 3.0 chassis image

Radio System
Adjust settings easily with jog dials while viewing the LCD screen on the included 2.4GHz Syncro KT-331P transmitter.

inferno_tki4_readyset image

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